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Meet the first Muchacho. Daniel Hanssen founded Tacos Muchachos in 2021 off the back of his obsession with Mexican food.

After spending many years in the U.S. at a young age he progressed from Tex-Mex to traditional Mexican food later in Arizona.

“It was discovering true street food - with incredibly fresh ingredients, beautifully bold flavours and the vibrant energy of taquerias that drew me in.”

After returning to Sydney, Daniel noticed a lack of authentic Mexican food. Unfulfilled by his corporate job, Daniel eventually quit to bring the streets of México to the shores of Sydney. 

"It’s been a wild journey to get here and I’m extremely excited for where we can take Mexican food in Australia. Tex-Mex is what initially drew me in and it will always have a place at Tacos Muchachos. However, I think it’s time we showcase some of the more traditional Mexican dishes out there as well, such as la Quesabirria, la Torta and my personal favourite, Tacos Al Pastor, the king of tacos! As Australia’s love of Mexican food continues to grow, los muchachos want to be a part of that journey.”



Meet Tonatiuh Arocha (Tona for short) the head Taquero of the Tacos Muchachos kitchen. With 13+ years of experience as a Chef, he's a gun in the kitchen. Venezuelan born but raised in Mexico, Tona has always been obsessed with food. Besides Mexico, he’s worked in the U.S., Spain and Brazil across everything from Michelin star restaurants and top hotels to fast-food joints.

His inspiration comes from Mexican Street Food and Mediterranean cuisine, where he often tries to combine elements from each to heighten his dishes. Focusing on Mexican street food these days, Tona loves to integrate his culinary school training and fine dining experience with traditional street food practices. In this way, he has been able to transform the food he works with, giving customers an extraordinary experience.

Tona has now settled in Australia where he hopes to continue educating people about his culture while providing them with an authentic Mexican experience. “I truly believe Australia is a place of culinary challenge and opportunity. I have really enjoyed working with local fresh produce to create traditional street food that brings to life the flavours from back home”. Tona is loving the journey with Tacos Muchachos, particularly because he gets to work alongside his wife Jazmin, the brilliant muchacha behind our handmade corn tortillas. “Tacos Muchachos is a place that we can share our culture and experience while bringing Australians the best flavours of Mexican street food. I love being able to share my passion with Daniel and the rest of the Tacos Muchachos familia.”



Meet our muchacha Jaz - she’s a food technologist and the hands behind our delicious tortillas. Jaz has a huge passion for food and a love for her Mexican roots.

“I’m proud of where I’m from and the way that I was brought up. Being Mexican carries a very special meaning and comes with beautiful traditions - one of them is the way we connect over food and express our love through it. I grew up in a big family and sharing food was a big part of how we created memorable moments. I have fond memories of my grandmother and mom cooking for the whole family, handmaking their own fresh tortillas. Being able to share the food I love with people from another country, wasn’t something I thought I’d do - but Tacos Muchachos has let me do that!”

“Sharing my family recipes with the rest of the muchachos is so special to me. I feel so grateful because I’m honouring my family while sharing the love that I feel for them and my country with our customers. I am extremely proud when I see people enjoying the food and am so happy I can have the opportunity to introduce people to the traditions and passion behind real Mexican food”.

Jaz has always dreamed of having her own place and being a part of a team like Tacos Muchachos. “Working alongside my husband, and head taquero, Tona has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. The muchachos have all become family, we share the same passions and goals and I cant wait for our next chapter”.



Another one of the original muchachos! Diego Garcia Luna - Guac officer and pinche of the Tacos Muchachos kitchen.

Diego is originally from Mexico City. Growing up there for the first 10 years of his life, he spent much of his time exploring the taquerias and mercados of the city. Street food was home – Sundays were spent at the markets with his grandmother and late nights with his family at their favourite taquerias.

Landing in Sydney to study - he longed for anything close to his experiences back home. “A place that uses simple, fresh ingredients, to create bold food but also welcomes you in warmly because they are proud to share their love of food with you”.

It was while working on a farm run by two restaurant owners from Sydney where his appreciation for food fully emerged. Exploring all the fresh local ingredients in Australia showed him great Mexican food was possible right here in Sydney - with the right muchachos!

“It was only really when I talked to Dan that I saw it all come together - the obsession with fresh ingredients, the love for authentic Mexican street food and a passion and the energy to share this food with Sydney”. Diego and Daniel have been best amigos for many years now and their dreams of bringing authentic Mexican flavours to Sydney are finally coming to life through Tacos Muchachos.

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